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    Interactive Captivate simulations not working correctly in Presenter

    Ruth Stryker

      I'm looking for a fix for what appears to be a bug with importing interactive Captivate 2.0.0 (build 1177, originally a trial verson) files into Presenter 6.0.432 (in PowerPoint 2000 SP-3 9.0.8952 on a Windows XP computer).

      The course works fine when I publish the Presenter file to My Computer, but doesn't work correctly when I publish to Adobe Connect (hosted version). What happens is that the interactive Captivate simulations are already done. (It seems like Presenter is somehow completing the simulations before the end user gets to those slides.)

      Each course I've created is approximately 40 slides in length with approximately eight Captivate demonstrations and eight Captivate simulations spread out through the course. (A few slides of content with voiceover, then a slide with a Captivate demonstration, then a slide with a Captivate simulation slide, etc. etc.)

      Captivate Project Preferences are set to:

      Advanced project compression
      508 compliance
      Compress compiled SWF file
      Publish Adobe Connect Enterprise metadata

      Captivate Publish settings are:

      (unchecked) Export HTML
      Flash Player 7

      I tried switching the Flash Version to Flash Player 8, but it didn't help at all, and instead caused an additional problem which was that the text entry part of the interactive simulations stopped working altogether.

      I'm inclined to think this is a problem with the Connect server (since the course runs fine when published to My Computer, just not when published to Adobe Connect), but suppose it could be a Captivate or Presenter issue. In any case, I'm open to whatever gets it fixed.