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    Printing Gibberish


      When I try to print a web page I get a lot of what I will call gibberish for lack of a better term.What is causing this?

      An example would be where there should be numbers, it looks like this:



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          PulkitJ Adobe Employee

          Which browser are you using? Which website are you trying to print?


          Go to Printing Preferences... (Go to Printers and Faxes->Right click on Adobe PDF Printer->Printing Preferences...) and uncheck the check box 'Rely on System Fonts only; do not use document fonts". click OK. This will solve your problem.

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            t8ntlikly Level 1

            In answer to your questions, I am using I.E. 9 RC, but was using the pre RC version at the time.

            The site was my bank site.

            I deactivated and re installed and all is well at this point.

            I did however take your advice as to unchecking the font box.



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              PulkitJ Adobe Employee

              It is a known problem with IE9 and the workaround I have mentioned will solve your problem.

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                I am having the same problem that's described here but I'm running Firefox 4.0b12.


                I had absolutely no problem with Firefox beta versions printing to a pdf file in the past, but I recently downloaded the trial version of Adobe Acrobat Professional X and the printing is a disaster.


                Initially, it would say there was a printer error (and documents would collect in the printer dialogue box) but the file would be generated anyway.  In these pdf files, the text display was fine from non-web programs but gibberish from Firefox.  I found a posting in the forum that suggested uninstallating the Printer, then Repairing the whole installation.  This seemed to take care of the error with printing but the gibberish persists.  I have just tried the suggestion posted here, but it doesn't help matters.


                I was planning to go ahead and upgrade to Acrobat X (even though it has a number of features that are unappealling compared to the prior version), but this printing problem is a deal breaker.  There is no way that I will pay money for an "upgrade" that won't let me print a webpage to a coherent pdf file.


                I would like to know if there are any other steps that I can take and also when Adobe might have this problem fixed.  (I was also rather shocked to discover that there is apparently no way to send a support email directly to Adobe on these sorts of issues and that the only option for assistance seems to be paying money out of pocket for a support phone call.)

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                  I am having the same problem and the solution did not change.  I am using Windows XP, Adobe Standard 9.4.  I reinstalled my printer driver thinking that was the problem.  It is only with web printing and the converter will not convert.  I also tried the Tools editing solution and that did not work.

                  Could this be part of the Update issue?

                  Thank you.

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                    AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

                    That looks like a problem with Firefox beta and not Acrobat:


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                      t8ntlikly Level 1

                      I ended up de activating my Adobe uninstalling and then reinstalling it. Took care

                      of it. Plus this way I was able to make sure I had the lastest updates.


                      Update 03/04/2011 I went specifically to the bank site that I was having aproblem with and it works perfectly, so IT IS NOT An IE 9 RC PROBLEM!

                      Sheesh lets always blame someone else!!!