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    Indesign CS5 Crashes

    pkrk Level 1

      I have a scipt that crashes when exporting within a loop. The export type is via a third party plugin. So yes I'm hoping they can help me, but they said, what they have provided is provided as is.


      My questionto the forum is what can I clear while the looping within the script that may be causing an issue. I am either opening and closing a file multiple times or reverting multipe times...

      If I need the script to loop 10 times, it loops about 3 times correctly then I get the spinner.


      I feel as though if I could clear some snapshots or some cache somehwere that it might make a difference.

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          pkrk Level 1

          In general if I open and close the same file(any file)  over and over(even manually) it eventually crashes.



          It seems a bit more more stable when I save all my closing of files at the end of the script.


          Sound familiar?