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    AE Crashes when using Animation Presets


      Hi, I have been getting this AE error frequently when using animation presets.


      I assume AE just can't find a registry item, but I don't know where to point it to it. I get this frequently when using text animation presets on a text layer in a comp. Simple comp, 720x486 D1, a background PNG, a DV QT with Keylight, a couple more PNGs and then the text layer. What do I need to do to not have this crash on the animation presets? I've had this crash happen in other comps, with various fonts, when using the text animation presets.

      I have 2 XEON 6 core 3.33 Ghz CPUs, 24 GB RAM, Quadro4000, CS5 Production Premium, Windows 7 64-bit.

      Thanks! TC