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    Querying Data from MS Access in SWF using ASP.NET?

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      Good Afternoon All,


      I have an MS Access database that contains a product catalog.  I have a specific query in the database that needs to be called from my SWF.  I understand that ASP.NET is a good bet for my bridge.  However, I was wondering if anyone had examples of their query/connection string in ASP.NET?  Is it advisable to use an ASP.NET web service instead?  Finally, in my Flash (CS5) application, I want to display 16 products at a time.  For each product, I need to provide the image, description and other database field names.  Is it advisable to use forward and back buttons to view one product at a time?  Or, can I show a screen of 16 products at a time?  How would I wire up search functionality such that a search term is passed from my SWF via ASP.NET to Access?