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    2 issues - Site server management and cfinclude.


      I'm working on a ColdFusion site and I'm using CS5 as the development tool.  Everything had been working fine with my testing until I added the Remote Server in Site Management today.  When I upload files to production, none of my links are working!


      QUESTION 1:


      My local files are in a subdirectory of the Coldfusion9/wwwroot directory (Coldfusion9/wwwroot/newsite/) on my PC.  Testing server was setup pointing to the same directory and the web url for the testing server was set to http://localhost:8500/newsite/.  I'm using the built-in web server with CF.


      As I've developed and made changes and previewed in browser, everything has been great.


      Today, I added a remote server to the mix so I could upload to the production server via ftp.  Defined everything and the ftp connection test was fine.  When I defined the web url, I entered the url of the site (www.examplesite.com).  I then proceeded to upload the file using the DW browser.  When I load the pages, the links, etc are not working. Most of my links are relative to site root and when I hover over a link, I'm seeing the "/newsite/page.cfm" included in the url in the status bar.  The production files are in the root and not the "newsite" subdirectory but the links still include the subdirectory in the path.


      QUESTION 2:

      One reason I'm using site root relative links is because I've placed my header and footer information in separate files.  I'm using CFINCLUDE to add these to my pages.  Both of these files have navigation within them and many of may site pages are in subdirectories.  So, I created these navigation links relative to the site root.  Could this be part of my problem with Q1 above?


      I'd appreciate any feedback.