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    Need help with choosing hardware


      I am creating a new editing machine that i will be using After effect, photoshop, flash, illustrator, and 3ds max. I do a lot of 3d and 2d animation, video editing and graphic design.


      This is the system i am currently planing on building:


      CPU: intel core i7 2600k ( I will be overclocking it to around 4.8 ghz)

      Motherboard: Asrock p67 extreme6

      Memory: G.Skill ripjaws x series 16gb ddr3 1600 cas latency 7

      Graphics Card: Gtx 570

      Power Supply: Rosewill bronze series 1000w

      Hard drive: 4x Corsair F120 in raid 0 ( 120gX4)

      Case: Bitfenix collosus

      Cpu cooler: Noctua Nh-d14


      I have a budget of $2500 for this computer. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on things i should change or would recommend a completely different build for my budget.


      Also i was wondering if the gtx 570 was a stupid choice and i should get a quadro 2000 instead. I dont do any gaming.


      One last thing, do 4 ssd in raid 0 help at all or should i just get 8 hard drive in raid 10, or should i spend less money on hard drives.


      P.S. I know that the the i7 2600k has been recalled but i am in no hurry to build this computer. Also feel free to recommend hardware that hasn't yet been released but will probably be out in the next 8 months.


      P.S.S All of the programs i listed are CS5.