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    Can someone help me how to figure out the syntax for a calculation in an Acrobat fillable form?


      For the first time I'm creating a fillable PDF form for a kid's summer camp brochure. After countless hours I've been able to figure out how to do simple calculations (number of camp sessions x price = Subtotal). But I can't figure out how to create a script that will take the Subtotal figure and generate a number that is 10% of the Subtotal. All I want to do is to have a separate field (the Discount) that can reference the Subtotal amount, and if it is more than $170.00, calculates and displays a figure that equals 10% of that amount. From there I can figure out how to subtract the 10% from the Subtotal, but I can't figure out the syntax for calculating that 10%. Also I don't know if that should be entered in the Simple Field Notation box or Custom Calculation Script box of the Calculate area in the Text Field Properties Box. Any help would be sorely appreciated!!!