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      I'm looking at some issues with the E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED. Case is the following. I create auuthentic orders from ACS4.1, use the link and save the URLLink.acsm file, zip and send it by mail to somebody, and some days after the acsm file is used for downloading (the computer used for generate file is right in time and date). The user receives the file, decompress maintaining the original date/time but receives the Error E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED message.


      1. I think the computer of user receiving file could have a non correct date. So I require the zipped file back to me.
      2. I use the file (my computer has right date/time settings), but I receive the error.
      3. I look at my profile: My Digital Editins/restore/tasks directory and find the informative XML file file with an error:


      <error>E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED http://www.xxxyyyzzz.com:8080/fulfillment/Fulfill 2011-01-29T00:35:15-05:00%20(1296279315000)%20is%20before%202011-02-03T22:48:53-05:00%20( 1296791333953)</error>


      Info is clear: order was generated 2011-01-29...
      Current downloading was tried: 2011-02-03...


      The acsm file has the followiing tag:




      Is not possible create the order some days before and try the downloading some days after?


      ACS4.1 doesn't have any expiration settings for order/store.

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          Robin_R_D_ Level 1

          Please go to: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/787519?tstart=0 where you can find the answer.

          By default any ACS4 acsm or URLLink is assigne only 6 hours before expiration, so, in a non modified ACS4, if you take more than 6 hours to use the link or acsm, you'll get the error E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED. You can read the expiration date/time in acsm file if you save it to your computer and open it in a txt edit utility.

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            Robin_R_D_ Level 1

            This is the right answer. Not only the http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403936.html is the right answer. Also an expired download link or an expired acsm file will generate current message, and you must require a new link or file for a successful book download.

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              Robin, you are exactly right about the 6-hour time limit. I was frustrated until I read your posting. I've been trying to borrow ebooks from my local library consortium, and they only offer Adobe EPUB format books, which I can only save as ACSM files. The electronic resources librarian had been basically shrugging and telling me, "Well, Kindles just aren't supported" so I've been clawing my way to find a work-around for the problem. I'm a librarian myself, and I didn't want Kindle users to be left out.


              Thanks for all your hard work!

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                Robin_R_D_ Level 1



                Kindle requires his own format for ebooks, named mobi. There are some applications for converting from ePub to Mobi formats but they work only with non-secured files. If you download a secured ePub by means of Adobe Content Server you'll be unable to make the conversion. So, more than format there you must know if contents are secured by means of DRM (and DRM could be different in different ebook stores). ePub is supported by Apple (iTunes) but if you downloaded an ePub to your iPad from iTues you can't open or convert it for use with your Kindle, same thing happens with books downloaded from stores using Adobe Content Server secured books. There are some free applications for reading ACS secured books for iPad but I don't know if same thing occurs for Kindle.

                Also the acsm extension meaning is Adobe Content Server Message, and a file with this extension is simply an XML file with some instructions for Adobe Digital Editions or compatible app to reach the download path for the file (ePub or PDF).

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                  BryanJohnson333 Level 1

                  Ah, but this is where Calibre comes in. Use the right-click, convert with Adobe

                  Digital Editions trick (making sure you do it within 6 hours of downloading, to

                  avoid having the inept time out). This will open the book on ADE. Then use Adobe

                  Digital Editions Converter to convert it to PDF and -- this is the cool part

                  -- it will also automatically strip off the DRM protection. Then you can use

                  Calibre (a very good software package, only about $29.95, and well worth it in

                  my opinion) to convert it to MOBI format and load it onto a Kindle. Sure, it's a

                  little trouble and there's the cost of buying Calibre, but it allows Kindle

                  users to be able to use all those Adobe EPUB books that more and more libraries

                  are offering. Please note that, being a bone-headed librarian, it only took me

                  about 20 hours of work to figure this out, but now that I have tried it out on

                  several books I've downloaded from my local public library, I'm very pleased

                  with the results. Spread the word!

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                    heyheyhey Level 1

                    I work for a publishing company that uses ADE, and in my experience, this error message is NOT generated due to a time zone issue. It's sort of unbelievable to me that this is Adobe's official diagnonsis. When our customers get this message, it's almost ALWAYS because they clicked the download link prior to installing Adobe Digital Editions.I confirmed this with an Adobe rep using the help chat as well. It seems to be a pretty fundamental flaw with the program in general, and the Adobe rep told us that there's now way around that. It's also ridiculous, because we end up having to send our customers a new file, and Adobe is essentially charging us twice for the book.

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                      I have the same problem too even though I tried to open the file right after I download it and my time was also correct. Therefore, I wonder if there is anyway I can fix this since I googled the solutions and there weren't any to help me.


                      Thank you so much!