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      I bought several books at O'Reilly months ago and I read them with Adobe Digital Editions. Regularly, Adobe Digital Editions asks me to authorize my computer. I always use the same computer (a Mac running MacOS 10.6.6), so I do not understand why I have to re-authorize it from time to time... But ok I do it and it works... until today. Now when I want to authorize my computer, I receive the message E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate nnnnnnnnnn".


      I had a chat with an Adobe support guy but he was not able to help. He told me I should first de-authorize my computer but it was not clear how to do it and the guy did not look confident this would help...


      I saw I am not the only one with such an error... but I am not sure it was solved for the other ones....


      Hopefully, I also got my O'Reilly books in other formats and I can still read them without Adobe Digital Editions. But I liked to use Adobe Digital Editions and I wanted to do it again...


      Thanks for help


          BFL Brooks Level 1

          I don't know why you keep getting asked to authorize, but I do know how to reset your number of authorizations (you only get 6 at a time for some reason).


          1. Login to your Account.

          2. Go to View Support Information

          3. Choose Issue Type : Using a product or service

          4. Choose Additional Products - Digital Editions

          5. Fill out the form, indicating that you need to have your authorizations reset. You can leave the Support Plan ID blank (says the customer service chat person)

            PierreGod Level 1

            Thanks, I did it

            Case #0182059778 has been opened.

            I am now waiting for my authorizations to be reset.

            Best regards,


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              PierreGod Level 1

              My issue has been solved !!

              Thanks for your help


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                i am having the same problem but yet have had a response to a reopened case.

                i had a problem several weeks ago when i purchased a literati.  i had had two different ereaders that were defectiv e

                both were pandigital novels.  i purchased a literati and got the too many activations error.  i opened a web case and g

                ot an immediate response to set new activ ations.  this worked for about a week.  basically everytime

                i connected the literati it needed a new authorization.  i did successfully transfer a 2 library books

                but when i tried to do more, it wouldn't recognize the literati and continually

                asked to reauthorize.  it didn't work  and the library books are on the literat

                i but locked.  i assumed the problem was with the literati and instead purchased a nook as my pri

                mary purpose for an ereader is library books.  to date adobe has not responded to my web case bu

                t i am concerned if they simply reset my authorizations, i may find myself in this problem in a very short time.  i now believe the prob

                lem is with adobe and it is frustrating because overdrive library books only seem to use adobe and if it doesn't work i

                am in trouble.

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                  Carol, I have two Literatis and have not experienced any problems whatsoever

                  in hooking them up to ADE on my computers.  I think that ADE on your

                  computer is messed up because of the other ereaders you've had.  Don't blame

                  the ereader immediately - the message is really telling you that your

                  installation of ADE is not right.


                  If you do some research on this topic, you should find a message or two

                  telling you how someone else solved the problem by tinkering with or

                  reinstalling ADE on their computer, then linking up their ereader to the

                  modified or fresh copy of ADE.  I've seen at least two or three like that.

                  It may take some techno work, but from what I can tell, once you get it

                  'cleansed', you will be good to go for a long time.  And you will be able to

                  use the ereader you choose.


                  Hope this helps!


                  Tom (Frustrated in AZ)


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                    carolshutts Level 1

                    thanks for the reply.  i purchased a nook because i thought that might be more

                    stable a system.  i still have the literati as well.  overall i have had 4

                    ereaders--two pandigital that were defective, the literati and now a nook.  i

                    had adobe reset my authorizations and got the nook to work.  i'm afraid to

                    connect the literati in fear the activaitons will trigger a problem.  at this

                    point i am going to see if the ADE will recognize the nook again tomorrow.  i

                    have uninstalled the installed the ADE a couple of times and still got the error



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                      carolshutts Level 1

                      I realize that the problem is with ADE.  i am afraid that it isn't recognizing the literati on an ongoing basis.

                        i had the authorizations reset when i got the literati and was able to get it to work.  howev

                      er, in a couple of days when i tried to transfer another book it didn't recognize the literati.  thus

                      came the requests to authorize the device and ultimately the error message.  

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                        carolshutts Level 1

                        i had the adobe reset today but i don't believe that this truly cleanses the system.  can i ask them to completely remove all previous e readers.  they say i can have 6 devices and since i only had 3 previous ones and the nook, obviously something was triggering the ADE to want to always activate a device.  i certainly hadn't gotten to 6 even with all my other readers.

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                          Level 4

                          I'm not the 'expert', but one of the posts I read - coincidentally just

                          after I sent my reply to you - mentioned deleting ADE and then Emptying The

                          Trash.  That tells me that ADE may be picking up files you thought you

                          deleted because they are still on the pc.  Just resetting ADE might not wipe

                          out incorrect data, and the comment from the Adobe people who tried to help

                          you tells me that it's quite possible this is happening to you.  Thank

                          goodness that this is a free download - I'd hate to pay for something that

                          causes this much aggravation.....