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    New Canon 400D camera profiles (unofficial)

    Vit Novak Level 3

      After playing further with my calibration program, here are some profiles for Canon 400D




      This is UNOFFICIAL version, so take it as is. In absence of better name, I named them "DPP Standard sRGB", "DPP Neutral sRGB" etc ...


      This calibration was made using Digital Photo Pro, so there will be  slight differences between output using ACR and this profile or using  DPP and jpegs from camera. For making these profiles, I used similar principles like Adobe team for v3 beta profiles for some Nikon cameras


      I included Standard and Neutral picture style. There are separate versions for sRGB and Adobe RGB, so use a version depending on color space selected in ACR. If you use version for sRGB with Adobe RGB selected, or version for aRGB with sRGB selected in ACR, colors will be slightly different than if you develop that raw file in Canon Digital Photo pro


      Default settings for these profiles, that should match default settings in DPP, are (for current versions of ACR)


      Exposure  -0.25

      Blacks  0

      Brightness  +50

      Contrast  +25

      Tone curve medium contrast


      So, default value for exposure and blacks is different than for other profiles

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Hi Vit,


          Are you considering marketing the tools you are using to do this?  You should be.



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            Vit Novak Level 3

            There is a big problem - there are tools that can convert various raw formats to some universal format, like Adobe dng converter or dcraw, but there are no tools to perform this conversion in opposite direction. I found some old code that can modify cr2 files, it worked on 400D so I made these profiles, but it didn't work on 450D and probably wouldn't for other cameras ... Without raw filled with the test chart, I can't make a profile for that camera with this program


            My intention was to make this tool freeware for CHDK users (CHDK raw format is a simple binary dump, easy to create), but almost nobody was interested to have profile for his camera on CHDK forum, so I terminated working with it several months ago ... I made some more efforts to have this profile and profiles for D700, maybe I'll make a profile for some other camera or two in the future but that's it ...


            But I hope that Adobe team will provide "v3 beta" profiles for other cameras in the future, at least it seems that things are moving in that direction.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Interesting.  Might you be able to use a test photo taken by an actual camera instead of the artificial creation of a test raw file?  You could interpolate between data points actually measured.


              In the time some years ago prior to the provision of the "Camera Standard" et. al. set of profiles by Adobe that do a decent (if not perfect) job of emulating camera color, I had made a 40D profile by hand that did a pretty good job of matching the color.  I posted this on another forum, and I got a surprising number of people asking for it, even whether they could buy it from me.


              So you can see that my ranting about having profiles that closely match camera results aren't just the musings of a madman.