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    Time-lapse help working with xdcam ex workflow

    SonyEX3XDCAMUSER Level 1

      Hi all,

         I have a sony ex3 and work with the xdcam ex codec - I have a time-lapse sequence of jpegs thats 22 seconds long


      When I try to render it at 1920x1080 @ 25fps using multiple different formats and methods I keep ending up with file sizes of 3gb and larger


      3gb is crazy for a 22sec clip


      Those anyone have any suggestions on the correct setting to use when rendering the sequence above


      I am using cs5


      Thanks and kind regards



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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          3GB isn't crazy at all for 22 seconds of uncompressed HD video.


          Depending on what you want to do with the footage in the long run, you may want to render out a lossless intermediate render (something like a Quicktime movie using PNG compression), and then compress that movie using Adobe Media Encoder (or a similar compression tool) to a delivery format more suited to your file size concerns (i.e. 2-pass VBR h.264 encoding with a substantial bitrate). If you don't have the storage, then you can always ditch the uncompressed/losslessly compressed render after you have your final product. The reason you'd want the intermediate stage is so you can obtain the best compression possible. XDCAM (whichever flavor you're using) is a highly compressed and limiting acquisition codec. You don't want to render back to it, most likely.


          So, the question is, what are you going to do with your final product? Web?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Here are a couple of FAQ entries that should help with understanding output options---specifically related to large file sizes and compression:



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              SonyEX3XDCAMUSER Level 1

              Hi - Thank you so much for your help - its all starting to make a bit more sense.


              I have produced videos before and uploaded them onto the interweb and to do this I used h2.64 and it works perfect


              I and now thanks to you I understand uncompressed files


              My goal is to make a 12min short film and I want to have the project available at its highest quality in case anyone actually likes it and would like to distribute it.


              So -  when I create an asset in after effects for my short I will create two versions one h2.64 for quick viewing and editing and then replace this with the full quality AVI when I finished editing


              those this sound ok