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    Is there a performance overview somewhere?

    Ninarama Level 1

      I'm pretty sure, while flash was developed, a lot of performance test have been performed.


      I already know most of the optimizations you can do with ActionScript 3.0 and most of them are easy to implement.


      But what about the graphic engine? Are there guidelines to what performance difference it makes to use ceratain filters or blendModes?



      • How much more performance is lost when switching between the 3 quality settings for blur or glow filter effects?
      • How much performance does the color adjust filter cost?
      • Are there hidden optimizations? Does an object with alpha=0 still render? Does a masked object still render outside the bounds of the mask-object? (Last time I checked, it actually did. By "render" I don't mean they're actually drawn, but that the pixels are processed by flash)
      • How much does performance suffer when you increase the blur radius? Or is it almost cost-free? Does a filter with a blur of 4px need half as much time to render than a filter with a blur of 8px? or is it just the total area of the blur effect which influences performance?
      • I once heared that values like 8,6,32 (2^x) for blur-values are especially optimized. Is this still true for the newer engines?
      • How much more time do curves need to render compared to lines? (That would be interesting to know when there are very complex vector arts to be animated)
      • How much impact have blendModes like "add" or "layer" (the latter one creates temporary bitmaps) on performance?


      So what I'm looking for is some benchmarks of the flash-engine itself and/or some kind of "official" guideline which methods should be avoided or preferred.

      I know the whole Flash engine is very complex, especially when more elements come together, but it would be great to have some kind of overview over performance data, this would enable many of us to create faster and richer flash modules