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    Colour Effect in properties lost when break apart used.


      Flash CS5

      How does one edit a graphic then have the ability to choose in properties Colour Effect options like alpha or brightness or tint in properties ?


      Bringing an .ai file into library then creating a MovieClip of it, I am able to alter colour alpha or brightness or tint etc in properties via Colour Effect option. Use break apart to delete a simple box from part of the artwork and the colour aspects just applied vanish, its back to its original aspect. Try grouping the artwork but still no options now. Same applies if I just place the graphic on stage or open the graphic from the Library.


      Try it a different way, bring it in and break apart, then edit the artwork then group it to see if properties has colour effect option for it but still no joy.

      Try converting it to graphic after editing and giving it a new name, it vanishes, nothing visible even if I select that graphic in library.


      It seems that the only way to apply Colour Effect in properties for a graphic or MovieClip is to NOT edit its contents when placed on stage. I cannot bring it in without needing to edit it as the program making the ai. adds a box that I dont need, border of the page in that program in fact.


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          Colour Effects can be applied to an instance of a movieClip or Button or Graphic symbol. When you break a movieClip instance apart, you are effectively changing that movieClip to its individual parts, similar to editing the original symbol in the Library. Those individual parts, lines and fills, are no longer a movieClip, and so any change applied to the movieClip will no longer apply.


          You can select all of the individual parts after your edit of those parts and then, using the Modify menu, set this new group of lines and fills as a movieClip and re-apply the Colour Effect.


          Alternately, if you double-click on the movieClip on the stage, you will be in the editor. Any change that you make in the editor will be shown in the movieClip when you return to the stage. The Colour Effect will remain.