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    Should I use Flash?


      Hi folks,
      I've recently picked up the opportunity to develop a simple little  application for a company that makes cupcake wedding cakes. They want to  be able to take a laptop to a client and sit with them to design the  look of the cakes - colour, topping, etc. End result is a saved written  preference, along with an image of their design.

      I've assumed Flash is the best bet for something like this. Although  I've dabbled in Flash and have experience in coding, I've yet to pick it  up fully.

      The version I have is Flash MX. I've assumed I could create a movieclip  representing a single cake, that is then replicated over the stack of  cakes? A simple set of options on a side panel would let the user pick  colour, amount, etc.

      Firstly, will Flash (MX) let me save out a 'screengrab' of the movie as  something that could then be saved to, say, a JPG? And I assume that  writing the variable choices to something like a text file would be no  problem...

      Am I going down the right track with this, or is Flash MX the wrong tool for the job?

      Any advice appreciated!