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    HTTPService problem (ioerror #2032) in flex AIR application

    volkanbeyaz Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am using flex 4.5 Hero Sdk. Flex Builder plugin. Win7x64. Adobe Air 2.5.


      I have a flex air project which contains 3 library projects included.

      The project uses one of the included libraries for managing HttpService calls to a Tomcat server.


      When I use "merge into code" option for building all projects there is no problem. I can both run in Adl and installed application (exe). HttpService calls works fine in both Adl and Air 2.5 runtime.


      When I use Rsl option for building all projects I can run-debug in Adl However when I run the installed version (I mean this time running the application not with adl, but with Flex Air 2.5.x version installed in win7x64) this time HttpService calls to the server gives ioerror (Error#2032).


      Some information I discovered (may not be related to the problem I stated above)

      When using rsl option, "use local RSLs when debugging" option makes the difference. If this option is false, Adl cannot run the application.

      I tried -use-network=true compiler option, but not sure if I did everything right while trying.


      Shortly I think I need some knowledge for working with RSLs. So, can anybody help me?