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    Adding Multiple SWF files from Engage to CP5

    dchaveco1234 Level 1

      I have 2 swf files from Engage and I have imported them to Captivate.  The first one works just fine, the second just hangs there.  I have published the SWF files as seperate files when publishing out of CP5.  I then copied the engage files from their location to where the Captivate published content was located.  I left the first SWF as "engage.swf" and the content folder as "engage_content".  The second I renamed "engage2.swf" and called the folder "engage2_content".


      I've search several blogs and while the process I'm using seems to be correct.  I can still only ever get the 1st engage.swf file to work.  Any thoughts or is this a CP5 issue as some claim the multiple import of SWFs worked (or works) in CP4.