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    Getting unable to snap in error when trying to run indesign server as service




      I am trying to get the indesign server cs5 as a service to run at a particular port on 64bit windows vm platform. The documentation pointed towards trying to operate the .msc file in <installation_folder>/adobe/indesign x64/ folder.  However I am getting a snap-in error. I have tried installing it through mmc.exe, but fails with the same error. It is a trial version right now.


      The error reads

      "MMC could not create a snap in. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly.

      Name: IndesignServerService


      CLSI ID:{xxxxxxxxxxxxx}



      I have uninstalled, reinstalled and restarted many times.

      Any info will be helpful. I am wondering if all the dlls have been registered correctly.