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    My avi videos are jumpy/shakey in Premiere Pro CS5 - can anyone help.


      I have used avi video in Premiere CS4 and had no issues. Now that I have upgraded to Premiere CS5 my avi videos are shakey/jumpy before and after rendering them. What is wierd is when I nest an avi video from an old CS4 project and imort it into my CS5 project, the avi video is fine and isn't jumpy before or after rendering. I was wondering if anyone knows of a setting that needs to be set or a codec or upgrade that needs to be downloaded to fix this issue. I think its wierd that avi videos work fine in Premiere CS4 and not in CS5. My coworker and I are both editing video and he is having the same issue on his computer so I know its not just my computer. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.