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    "partly" corrupt file saves


      Beta v4 build 10 on osx 10.6.6


      24 bit, 44.1kHz files


      Something funny in the headers?


      Odd bug: after changing file length, cropping beginning and/or end, ie by selecting and deleting portions, Audition files are not readable by Korg AudioGate. Are readable by VLC, but it reads everything. Are readable by WaveEditor, and opening in WE, then saving as without any changes does something magic to the corrupt file, making it readable by AudioGate.


      BTW, I highly prefer the more intuitive UI of Audition to the UI of WE, just easier to work with, and hope this bug is fixed.

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          Can you try a couple things?


          Turn off the "Include markers and other metadata" option in the Save As dialog.


          In the Format Settings options for WAV (press the second [ Change... ] button in the Save As dialog), switch from "RF64 Format" to "Multiple Data Chunks (Legacy Audition Format)".


          Please see if either of these or both allows Korg AudioGate to open the files.


          The file isn't actually corrupt, the problem is that Korg AudioGate doesn't follow the RIFF spec perfectly and doesn't know how to handle unexpected RIFF chunks in certain places.