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    Air: How do I conform to the Mac Interface Guidelines?


      tl;dr: How do I add the appropriate "Help" menu (with search text box) and a  bold "Application" menu? I've seen it done so it should be doable but there's very little documentation on the subject.



      I've noticed that Livebrush Lite, has *most* of the appropriate menu hierarchy for Mac OS X. (for whatever reason, they merged the file menu with the application menu which seems to be an odd design decision but otherwise it conforms well to the interface guidelines)


      Certainly the following is getting me somewhere:


      Developing cross-platform Adobe AIR applications



      I'm curious about 2 things. The default application menus don't include the "help" menu at all and the "Application" menu isn't bolded the way that it should be. Livebrush seems to do both these things. Unfortunately my google-fu is failing me so I'm hoping that someone may be able to enlighten me on how to add these things.




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          also, if the application menu is altered, the “adl” menu will not appear in bold when testing the AIR app from “Test Movie”. the movie must be published and launched externally in order to see that this menu item is in fact bold.


          Well, I got one of my answers from a comment on a blog post about the subject but that help menu is still perplexing.