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    Feature Request / Bug - showing properties, events, styles [content assist]

    One_Life Level 1



      When one does cntrl-space with content assist, a list of properties, events, styles, etc comes up, listed in alphabetical order.  This list often has 50 - 100 items or more (as an example, mx:Accordian has about 200), and listing them in alphabetical order is very little help -- i.e. too many things, for the names to really make sense /  to find things by name.  It would be very helpful if:


      1) by selecting an option, one could change this list to be sorted by the type of thing, e.g. perhaps first properties, then events, styles, etc.  Perhaps within each of those "sub-lists", the items would be sorted alphabetically.


      2) by selecting a another option, the list would be sorted by what is supplied by the component and the subclass components.  This would enable one to much nore quickly learn which classes are supplying what capabiliites.  One could of course provide two different "sub-sorts" for each component -- i.e. either alphabetically or by type of item (e.g. event, style, etc).


      I hope this makes sense.  It would be very helpful as the API / SDK is quite large.