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    Nook Color Question


      I have a NookColor,and have downloaded Digital Editions to my computer. When I plug in the Nook, it shows up on the DE screen only as "media" - not as "Nook". I've checked books out from the library, but when I drag them to the "media" icon, the books do not show up on the Nook reader, even though Digital Editions tells me that they are there.  What have I done wrong?

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          BFL Brooks

          The Nook Color does not put downloaded library books into the Nook Library. Instead, when you are looking at the Nook Library, find the My Files icon and click on that. One of the file folders will be titled Digital Editions. Open that folder. Within it you should see your downloaded library books.

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            bonnie47 Level 1

            Thank you so much for your response!  I actually had already figured out the

            problem myself (after watching the video for the third time and really listening

            all the way through.)  Truthfully, I felt pretty stupid, but am so grateful that

            I am now able to check books out from the library and use my Nook to read them.


            Still don't understand why my Digital Editions only shows the reader as "Media"

            instead of "Nook" as the video shows, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as

            it is working properly.


            Thank you again!