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    Another type lag request

    GoodNewsJim Level 1

      I think the next version should have an option: "Do no processing"


      This way I get the speed of notepad.exe, and also the IDE to quickly run/debug.


      I have a moderately large project 45k lines in one file.  I don't think you guys ever ran a program this big before and don't realize some of the code you do in processing of the .as files bogs down in it.


      I can't give you the source code because that is all we own, we're a small company and haven't received payment for our project yet, and it is fairly high tech that we don't want getting out.


      If you simply did "NO PROCESSING", no type checking, no indent spacing, no highlighting, nothing, I wouldn't be going out of my mind with 8 seconds between keypresses.


      If you really expect flash games to become bigger and bigger in scope, you'll find other people annoyed with the type lag that is inevitable with large projects.

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          GoodNewsJim Level 1

          This stuff drives me nuts.


          Coding takes like 5x longer than it should.         


          Here are ideas of things to disable:

          Coloring text

          Highlighting the line you're on

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            JohnWalsh2011 Level 1

            Seems to me the only responses you'll get around here are from yourself huh!

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              GoodNewsJim Level 1

              I've been replied to in the past, but I think they're out of ideas because they can't replicate the issue on their side. They don't have a 45k+ line chunk of code.


              I think if they just had an option to stop all text processing and coloring, that might do it.

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                JohnWalsh2011 Level 1

                I use a HP xw workstation, I also get lag,  but all contemporary IDE's color

                code language keywords, it would be odd to not have those features in a modern


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                  arshorten Adobe Employee



                  Sorry to hear you're having performance problems.


                  Have you tried turning off "mark occurrences" (in the toolbar)?


                  If that doesn't resolve the issue, we would very much like to get access to your source code so that we can reproduce the problem here and try to resolve it. I understand your concerns about sharing source code, but I would like to provide assurance that many companies (large and small) have done the same by entering into a non-disclosure agreement with Adobe.


                  If you are open to discussing this further please email me off-list: shorten at adobe.com.




                  Andrew Shorten

                  Group Product Manager, Developer Tools, Adobe

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                    GoodNewsJim Level 1



                    Mark all occurances is off, and yes that did help some last time someone told me.


                    There is obviously "some processing" that is being done.  There should be an option to turn off "all processing" and be a dumb text file.


                    I wish I could give you the source code, but it is no longer my IP, it is my company's.


                    In a week or two, it might be online and playable through a publisher, I'll show you guys the game, at least maybe you'll get a kick out of it.