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    3 quick movie editing questions with this s.w



      first time poster! .  So sorry if these question ahve been asked before.


      1. as a new user where is best source of intro video that cuts to the chase without all marketing crap

      2. when I import a movie that I ahve made or something from a show sound starts then stops, or does not play at all?

      3. what is the process to cut and paste a movie scene.

      I do stop motion vids, but I want to incorporate snippets from real life movies i make also.

      Thanks Kevin

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Not really sure what you have to start with. Can you give us a lot more details? This ARTICLE will tell you what would be so important.


          For number 1, do you mean that you are looking for stock motion footage? If so, check out Muvipix.com. They have quite a bit, and it is available at reasonable rates, but is free to subscribers.


          On number 2, the info requested in the above linked article will get us started.


          Number 3 has several answers, and it is up to the editor to choose, what works.


          Let's say that you have your stop-motion stills, and decide that you want to insert Video into that. After the Video has been Imported, you could just drag it to the Timeline, between the chosen stills, and release it. All stills after that will Ripple down to accommodate it. If you needed to Trim the Video, just Dbl-click it in the Project Panel, to open it in the Source Monitor, then set the In & Out Points, and drag from the Source Monitor, as above.


          If you want an Insert Edit, where the Video replaces existing footage on the Timeline, just hold down the Ctrl modifier key.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I've also created a series of Basic Training videos for Muvipix.com that should get you started.