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    Starting a project with 800x480


      Is there anyway to start a project wi

      th 800x480 resolution? Or is there a higher resolution of the same ratio

      I can then export out at 800x480?


      My issue is that I am trying to make a video made from screenshots off of a smartphone with this resolution. Obviously selecting 720 x 480 makes it so the images cannot fully fit the screen.  And there does not seem to be an option that has the same ratio as 800x480.


      Appreciate any insight.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, there is no Preset to match your footage. PrE does not yet have PrPro's Desktop Preset, that allows customization, such as you need. Obviously, PrPro would be an option, albeit an expensive one.


          One option would be to choose an HD Preset, such as 1440 x 720. The compromises would be that you would have black bars around the image. You could Scale up to match, say the sides, leaving letterboxing. Then, and depending heavily on how you need to deliver the output, you could use something like Flash (FLV), and crop in the output. Not all delivery schemes allow for that, so you will be limited.


          Good luck,



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            Jordan0724 Level 1

            Bill - Thanks for the help. I had come to the con

            clusion i probably need Pro. But I appreciate the suggestions, and I'll see wha

            t i can do from here. Thanks much

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Good luck, and PrPro makes it much, much easier. I have filed Feature Requests, going back to PrE 4.0, but so far, the Desktop (I think that the name "Custom" would be better... ) Adobe has not added it. Guess that someone needs to get "something" for that additional US$ 600.