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    PE7 crashes computer when using MOV files at point of burning to DVD


      I am using a Canon T1i to take video in MOV format. I import these files to PE7 and edit away. When done I go to Share and burn to DVD and the computer crashes , solution saying Pxengine failure, go to roxio site for update. Tried , failed.If I convert files from MOV to AVI it seems I can burn to file and then burn DVD with Cyberlink. I tried PE repair to no avail. Running Vista 64 home prem. 8GB ram 640 GB mem. 512 dedicated video card.Is the issue with the Mov files? It did work once on a trial when I used the Mov files and burned to file. Never worked directly to DVD, and now can't even select burn to DVD without a computer blue screen crash.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you saying you can burn to a file but you can't burn directly to a disc? That could be an issue with the 64-bit driver your OS is using to run your burner.


          Work through these steps and, if you post the results for each step in as much detail as possible, we'll be better able to diagnose your problems and suggest solutions.


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            denali2 Level 1

            I can burn a project to file if I create it using avi files. I've also burned a project directly to disc using avi files to build the project. This problem started when I started using the mov files produced by my new camera to produce the project. I would get the project done, and then select burn to DVD and as soon as the app begins to render the project , the computer crashes. The funny thing is that in my initial experiments with these mov files I did get the project to render before the computer crash when it went to  burn to DVD. I then experimented with just a couple of mov files, chose DVD  burn to file, the project rendered and created the file with no problem.So I figured that was the way to go. It only worked that once. Now every time I build with mov files and try to choose the DVD option I get the crash immediately. So my workaround is to convert my mov files with the Canon Zoombrowser software, which is really easy, build the project with the avi files, and choose the DVD option but burn to file rather than directly to DVD. One disadvantage is that I need to burn the file using the Cyberlink software I have. I've been afraid to try the direct DVD burn in PE7 for fear of crashing the computer yet again.


            Related to this whole issue is the solution generated by windows that the pxengine wasn't working and to update from the Roxio site. I downloaded px engine.exe and ran it but the problem persisted. I also checked the drivers for my burner and the pxengine driver is unsigned and therefore vista won't install it. I have found no way to get a signed driver , or even if I could, how to get rid of the unsigned one and replace it with a signed one. I came across some disscussion about changing registry values related to upper and lower filters ,but have no understandig of what that's all about , so I'll leave the registry alone for now and concentrate on building projects by the conversion to avi files workaround.


            I think I've touched on points 1,2,&3 in the link and as described , have had some success, but still can't answer the issue of why working with the mov files is a problem and what the h*** the pxengine has to do with it.


            Thanks for any light shed on the subject.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The PxEngine is a component in the authoring part of Adobe products, and is provided by Roxio. I have seen a lot of issues with it, in Adobe Encore CS4, but not so with the authoring feature in PrE. Adobe licenses the base of the authoring, either Encore, or PrE, from Sonic, and then uses their AuthorCore modules. As Roxio was never mentioned in earlier versions of Encore, I can only assume that they have acquired the original license to some aspect of the Sonic AuthorCore, and this PxEngine is now licensed to Adobe from Roxio. Remember, that is but an assumption.


              Good luck,