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    how to Change texture on 3D model..?


      hi there..i need your help (me:amateur rank) hehe


      can i change the texture on my 3d model in director? please check this link...http://mbtech.info/index.php/highres

      i want to make stuff like that..but in 3d visualization..


      so this stuff, will let the people to have own modification about the seat cover...after they choose the skin, they can look the result by zooming or rotating the 3D model..then the cool thing is...we can apply it into the car...then print it!! can we realize it with director??


      i'm stuck with the code library..i only can rotating, zooming, etc which is available in code library..

      i'm having trouble to understnding the lingo script..hehe can anyone help me??


      Thankz in advance..


      is there any course place to learning director and lingo? or recommended books?