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    Best Summary Of Export and Settings Advice for PPro CS5


      I was wondering if you guys who have a lot of experience in CS5 by now (just got mine last night 2-4-2011) might find this thread a good place to summarize what seem to be very common questions regarding Premiere Pro CS5 export problems.


      Let me state them separately and hopefully the best answers can be accumulated accordingly.


      By the way, thanks for all the great help available in these forums.


      Question Number 1:


      I have just installed my new CS5.   When I export my HD sequence, recorded in full HD, I  find that my options are fairly limited in terms of what format and  presets are available.  Also, I have no control over the bitrate or  quality as these are grayed out in formats like .avi, or Quicktime.


      I'm looking for two answers to what I think are common questions:


      1.     What format and preset (including how to get the right custom preset) is best for the export and rendering of full HD  sequences, when the plan is to burn them to a standard DVD to be played  on a standard DVD player.

      2.    What format and preset (including how to get the right custom preset) is best for  the export and rendering of full HD sequences, when the plan is to burn  them to a Blue Ray DVD to be played on a Blue Ray DVD player?


      And  I have one additional question:  Why are my choices in the codec area  grayed out and why can I not create a custom preset in all of the formats CS5 offers?  Wasn't I able to do this in earlier versions when choosing, for example, a Quictime format?  Is there a  preference or setting somewhere along the way I forgot to enable?


      Question Number 2:


      What is the best practice for getting the fully rendered and exported video onto a DVD?  Should I build the DVD in a stand alone program like Nero or should I use Adobe Encore?   And how about a few quick "getting started" tips for those who say to use Encore?  When I want to burn a standard DVD with full HD video, and when I want to burn a Blue Ray DVD with full HD video how do I do that?


      Question Number 3:


      When setting up a new HD project, what are the best sequence presets to use for HD?  For example, when  footage recorded in HD on a Canon HV30 or a Canon XHA1s is going to be used, and I am opening up a new project, what settings should I pick at the beginning?


      How do I know which of these to choose?:


      1.  DVCPROHD


      2.  HDV

      a.  HDVi25 (50i)

      b.  HDVi30 (60i)

      c.  HDV  1080p24

      d.  HDV  1080p25

      e.  HDV  1080p30

      f.   HDV   720p24

      g.  HDV   720p25

      h.  HDV   720p30


      I know people can search all over the Internet looking for answers to these questions, (because I have),  and they can search the FAQ's and this forum until their heads spin (because I have) and still not have one good place to go for a source to these very common questions.


      I hope this gives everybody a place to find these answers, and for you experts to use the little clapper or camera icon in the tool bar above your posts to highlight your expert screen shots and tutorial videos showing these answers.


      Thanks again for all you do.