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    Upgrade path to PreEl version 9 ?

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      I currently reported some major issues I had when adding AVCHD footage from my camcorder to the timeline in Premiere Elements 8....the problem was that I always had to render every clip after adding them to timeline. I got the tips from som of you skilled people that this was a known problem in PrEl 8, but should have been fixed in PrEl 9.0......so I installed the 30 day trila version of version 9, and after the first initial tests it seem like the clips comes up ok "green" after adding them which means my problem is no longer a problem :-)


      Question 1

      What I do wonder though, is if it was a mistake to install the trial version of PrEl 9.0 ?

      I'm thinking since I have a serial number (although old) would this still be valid for working with PrEL 9.0, or is this considered as a new product that I need to buy license for "again" ? If I can use my previous serial number, what do you suggest would be the best way - install the procut from scratch OR is there any "upgrade path from previous version X.X to 9.0", and if so, where can i find that ?



      Question 2

      If I get all bits & pieces together with my usage of PrEl, another product that caught my interest is "Adobe After Effects". Not sure if this is several levels upwards when it comes to complexity to learn. When looking at tutorials for different kinds of "cool" effects (youtube etc) several of these examples seem to be made with Adobe AE Do you consider this to be used only by "very skilled" videographers, or could it make sense for an amateur as well ? I noticed there was a trial version of this SW as well. If you think it worth a go, the mainquestion I have here is really where to find examples/tutorials for using After Effects - is there any place where one could start without getting to complicated from "lesson1" and then from there take it step by step..any suggestion/links would be appreciated.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not so much a bug in version 8 as it is an improvement in version 9. Until version 9, Premiere Elements could not work with AVCHD files natively. In version 9, it can -- so you only need to render after you've added effects or transitions.


          This may not be true in the trial version though. There are components in Premiere Elements that need to be activated, and that won't happen until you register the program with Adobe. Although it may work if you've got the latest version of Quicktime and you've ensured you're using the correct settings for your Premiere Elements project. But, in my opinion, this new feature is one of the best reasons to upgrade to version 9 (as I say in my What's New article at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com).


          As for After Effects -- well, that's a whole different program. If Premiere Elements is like flying a Piper Cub and Premiere Pro is like flying an airliner, After Effects is like flying a supersonic F-16!


          It's not really a video editing, per se. After Effects is a special effects program for creating professional 2D and 3D effects (like those color transitional effects you see on the evening news or during sports broadcasts). Usually short sequences are created in After Effects and then ported over to Premiere for inclusioin in a larger movie project.


          It's an amazing program -- but don't expect to sit down and learn it in an afternoon.

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            Mr Nielsen Level 1

            Steve - thanks for your answer.....just one additional thing. If I have my old Premiere

            Elements version licensed, can I then use that license to get my system updated to version 9.0 in some way ? OR, is the software considered to be a new product meaning that i have to buy the Premiere Elements 9 version as a new one ?? Havent been able to find any information around this so would be helpful to know ?


            I also looked into Muvipix and your books....if subscribing to muvipix, do you pay an annual fee or can it be paid on a monthly basis ? If subscribing, how do you un-subscribe if you for some reason would like to do that ?


            When it comes to your books, do you know any other way of ordering then amazon where I found some of your books ? Not sure what different stores take to ship them to Sweden where I'm located. Suggestions ? What different bokks would u recommend for enhancing my PrElements skills ? What coverage do u have for version 9 ? I noticed you wrote something about tips & tricks....sounds like a good one :-)



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              My books are only available through online stores, like Muvipix and Amazon. Unfortunately, shipping overseas can be pretty pricey -- so if you'll write to me direclty at steve at Muvipix, we can see if we can work out some other means of getting you the books.


              In addition to the "Cool Tricks" book, I have written books for most versions of the program.


              As for the software upgrade, contact Adobe's customer service department. If you own a licensed copy of a previous version of the software, they'll likely cut you a deal for an upgrade price. (You still get a completely new version of the program -- it's just at an upgrade price.)