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    Adobe QT Server Crashing?

    ExactImage Level 3

      I've got a problem that I can't make changes to some clips on a sequence.  When ever I double click on them to load them in to the viewer and see the effects applied I get the wait cursor and Adobe QT Server goes to exactly 100% cpu usage, which to me implies a hung app in a continuous loop.   It never comes back.


      Mac Pro - 8 Core - 10.6.6, CS5 5.0.3.


      Any ideas what could cause this and how to go about resolving it ?

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          ExactImage Level 3

          I should perhaps add that if I create a new project then import this sequence from the old project in to the new one everything seems to work fine.  So, somehow it's loading the original project that's causing the problems.


          I've had this several times now and I'm getting a little concerned about the fragility of any projects I'm working on, because it seems if I save the project today, tomorrow I may not be able to come back and continue work without creating an entirely new project and importing from the old one again.


          Any ideas?

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            You won't like it but, my only idea is to switch to a Windows 7 machine and just never, ever use QuickTime.

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              ExactImage Level 3

              I'm assuming that PP is using Quicktime because these particular clips are in ProRes 422, but for other codecs (like HDSLR) it doesn't need the QTServer?


              If that's the case, and considering one of our offline editors is going to be using Windows 7 (honestly I'm pretty brand agnostic but changing O/S this week is not a rational thought) which codecs could/should we transcode our ProRes stuff to in order to avoid these issues (and be both Mac and Windows friendly) ?


              I've no problem setting up a transcode batch to run over night if it's going to avoid hanging issues, and or course not "noticeably" degrade the footage at the same time

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                One reason that QuickTime can fail to initialize fully because it gets  stuck loading a badly written importer component. If you have any AVI  importers/codecs on your Mac, this could be the issue. Here's a message  that goes into some detail about that: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2808379#2808379


                Another common reason is quite different: The TCP  communication with the QuickTime server is blocked. The fix for this to remove the  blockage in communication. Sometimes the blockage is because of an  aggressive firewall program, which sees the TCP communication and stops  it. If this is the case, then you can either turn the firewall software  off or specifically allow the QT32 Server component to communicate;  instructions for letting a specific process communicate are different  for each firewall program, so you'll have to look in the documentation  for your security software for information about doing that. Here's a  document with some more information about this general issue, though it  refers to a more serious failure when the blockage happens at a  different step in the startup process: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/857/cpsid_85711.html

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                  My 2 cents:

                  I have encountered the problem with Photoshop CS 5 all of a sudden. It workked fine for ages until now.


                  2 solutions I came across:


                  1.     Temporary - Kill the process (while PS is working)

                          Open CMD as administrator.

                          Type: (in windows 7) "taskkill /f /im adobeqtserver.exe

                          Photoshop will manage well without it.


                  2.     Permanent:    

                            Goto Adobe directory in Program Files or Program files x86, search for AdobeQTserver.exe

                            (There are two copies on my PC.)

                            Change the name to something (*.OLD) or I guess you could delete these files alltogether.    

                            Photoshop works fine withouit them.