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    LensBlur and Depth Map issue

    Matt Paintin Level 1

      Ive posted on this topic before....


      Im trying to use a depth map to simulate a focus pull on a shot.

      Its entirely CG so I have been able to use a depth pass for use with lens blur.


      As you can see from the image using the effect works on the middle image but when I adjust the focal dictance the blur only works within the confines of the depth map 'edges' creating a hard edge rather than a soft one.


      I have pre-composed the depth map layer on its own and made the lens blur plug-in use this but I cant get what I need.

      I also tried a version where the RGB passes of the CG were precomposed before adding the depth map. Made no difference


      It seems that the focal distance is great....if you only want the BG out of focus.

      I cant believe that Im stuck with that, so what am I doing wrong?