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    Help with how to save/export nave to DW from Fireworks

    Daniel Ulysses Level 1



      I have made my first menu in FW CS5 with rollovers and a drop down, that works beautiful (to me )


      My problem is when I save it, how can I save/export to DW?


      Should I go to file/export?


      Should I go to file/image preview?


      What about the rollover images?


      Which folder should I save them in?


      Direct to DW?



      I'm lost


      My site it's already upload (the first page)

      and the menu looks ok, everything works, but If I need to modify it, I got soooooo confuse, that

      I end up deleting everything and start from scratch (not good for my sanity)


      So, I would love some help please.


      I'm new at FW CS5 but I thing that its going to help me a lot




      Daniel Ulysses