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    Problems with flash...


      Why is it that I can never change a vector object's color? I mean I would think it'd be as simple as changing the fill color but that does nothing.


      And why is it that copying and pasting vector objects from illustrator very inconsistent? Sometimes I get the exact copy, and other times their's three anchor points missing, very much screwing up the look of the object. Also, when I import a vector png image made in photoshop to flash, the fill is hollow at times.


      Am I the only one experiencing this, or is it a known problem? Or am I doing something wrong?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i can't help you with thr illustrator problem but i can tell you you're doing something wrong to cause the problem in your first paragraph.


          the most common cause of that is trying to change the color an object instance.  ie, an object that has a library representation and that is on-stage.


          you must use actionscript to change instance colors.


          if you want to change a vector color, that's no problem even in the authoring environment.