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    Edits made in ACR don't appear in a saved file, like JPEG, TIFF, etc., and don't show in Photoshop

    Aquarius1994 Level 1

      Hi, I'm new to Photoshop CS5. I've used it for about a week and liked how I could use Camera Raw to do editing like noise reduction and sharpening and then save the images as JPEGs or TIFFs or open them in Photoshop for further editing. I did this a few times and it worked well. Today I edited a bunch of Raw pictures and made them look really great when viewed in ACR. When I save them in any format or open them with Photoshop they don't look like the pictures I edited at all. I use maximum quality, don't compress and so on. When viewed in anything other than Camera Raw there is a lot of noise, and the pictures are not sharp at all. Am I missing something? I spent hours trying to figure out the problem. Went through the process several times. Looked at the preference settings for Camera Raw and looked up how they are supposed to be. In fact I hadn't changed the settings and previously this seemed to have been working fine. Please, help. Sincerely, Wassili