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    Background color not applying to selection


      I am trying to update the colors on my website, but I bought the site as a template and I am having trouble. One problem is that the colors are broken into so many sections on the website. There are probably 15 boxes that I have to change the colors in for each. And this is for each page! In a perfect world, I would have 3 or 4 sections, where if I changed it on one site (as an jpeg background image?) it would change it on all pages. I am using Dreamweaver CS5.


      Here's the second thing: I wouldn't mind doing it manually, even though I probably have 30 pages on my site (30 times 15 sections = time consuming!), but I keep getting an error that says "background-color does not apply to your selection because it is not inherited. It is applied to an enclosed tag. However, page elements are transparent by defaut, so this color may show through."


      Here's an example of how I've been able to change most of the colors (to the lighter green and brown), but there are still darker browns and greens that remain. Those are the sections that are giving me that error. 




      I know it would probably be more helpful if I posted the code, but with me being a newbie, I wondered if there were any security risks to posting the entire code from a page?