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    Spacebar variable for Form Validation


      Hi everyone.


      I am putting together a Flash Form. I had it all finished and posted it on a testing site, then I realized there was a problem.

      I have form validation that works like this. If a user hits the submit button but has not entered information in all of the required fields, the user will get an error message telling them to input all required information. However, there is a workaround. It seems that Flash sees the value of the "spacebar" as a positive value and lets users get past my validation.


      I need to assign the "spacebar" a value, make it a variable, or something along those lines. Then tell it to be equal to "0", which is not an acceptable number to pass my form validation.


      Can someone help me (or explain to me) how to assign a value to the "spacebar" and make it equal "0".


      Thanks in advance.