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    AVI length different in CS5 than CS4, GSpot, Media Player, etc


      Hi folks,


      I'm not quite a complete neophyte but close so my apologies if I've missed something obvious.


      I've just upgraded to CS5 (5.03) and am encountering a puzzling situation. I'm have a set of Cineform AVIs (codec version converted from 2 different camera's (one creates .mts files and the other .tod) and while the final avi's from one camera (.mts source file) seem to be working fine, files from the other will only report just over 2 minutes in lentgh. Actual time is better than 16 minutes.


      Not working within a sequence yet, just looking at the file in the Project window, Source monitor and properties.


      AVI's in question play fine in Premiere CS4, VLC, Media Player, etc. Everything looks to be alright in GSpot (correct length reported, plays fine). Interestingly GSpot reports 24,346 frames and CS5 reports 12173 keyframes, 12173 delta frames ... same I think?


      To sum up ...

      1. Cineform AVIs created from 2 different source file types (mts and tod) during the same conversion batch session (same setttings).
      2. Both sets of AVIs work fine in CS4 and other apps
      3. AVIs beginning life as MTSs working fine in CS5
      4. AVIs starting as TOD are only about 2 minutes long in CS5 but lengths are fine elsewhere.


      Any ideas or other information I could provide to help solve this?


      Thanks much,