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    Beginner Flex Chartist question


      Hi all,


      I have a question about data visualization in Flex. I'm thinking of remaking something with Flex (+mysql+zend) I did in MS Excel. Not probably the most logical transition to move from Excel straight to Flex but I'd like to ask some outlines how to start with this.


      Basic idea is to have Mysql database with one simple table with the necessary information. (some id, string, int and Date datatypes). With the help of DataGrid component I was thinking of getting the data from the server with the help of Zend framework. I should know the very basics of this.


      I'm thinking of using Flex inbuild Chart component, ColumnChart most likely.


      The simple problem I have is that when I define the Date information to X axis and numerical information to Y axis by default I get a column (for the Chart) for every row I have in DataGrid even if the Date is the same. I wasn't expecting Flex chart components to figure out automatically what I wanted but how to customize this?


      For example:

      I have ten rows of information in my mysql table all dated for example 2011/01/10. Every row has different int value to represent something together with a string.


      Then twenty rows more dated lets say 2011/01/15. We get total of 30 rows of data. Now when I want to visualize this by using column charts by default I get 30 seperate columns - which is something I didn't want. I'm looking for just two columns (two different dates) and summation of numerical values.


      I'm not looking for perfect solution but atleast a tip where to go from here. Should I do the summing somewhere in the mysql query or go deep into AS3 code to understand how to sum the values and send the information to my Datagrid component?


      Thanks in advance,