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    Hardware requirements for Premiere Pro CS5 .versus Premiere Elements 9 ?

    Mr Nielsen Level 1



      I have just started to work in Premiere Elements 9. What should it take to go up one "level" and start using Pro version (CS5) from a hardware performance point of view ?


      Below are my overview specification for the machine I'm using. Will it take more power into consideration ?


      Processor :  Intel Core i7 930, 2,8 Ghz - 4 kernels, 8 logical processors

      RAM memory : 6 GB

      64 bit operating system Windows 7

      HD Drive1 : Intel SSD Sa2M080 G2Gc ATA Device - 80GB

      HD Drive2 : Samsung HD103SJ ATA Device - 1 TB

      Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce Gt240 (1 GB RAM for video card)