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    DOUBLE-exposure in CS5 ??

    George D.D. Level 1

      Is it possible to do a "double-exposure" in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 ?  If so, how ?


      I was thinking that there may be a way, similar to what you'd do in Blue-Screen Keying, by somehow laying one image "over" the top of the other and enabling some kind of transparency.






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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Clip 1 on track 1, clip 2 on track 2. Use opacity on the overlayed clip in track 2.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Also check out blending modes, which give you a variety of interesting ways in which you can mix the color values of two (or more) clips together: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 * Blending modes

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              George D.D. Level 1

              Thanks again Harm, but I can't find "Opacity".  Looked and looked and can't find it.


              Would you be kind enough to tell me EXACTLY where it is?


              Hope you're having a great weekend.





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                mufananidzo pamberi Level 1

                Double-click on your clip in the timeline. It will show up in the Source monitor. At the top of this monitor click on Effect Controls. Opacity is listed under Motion.

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                  George D.D. Level 1

                  Yea, sorry everybody.  It was right in front of me.  If it'd been a snake, it would have bit me, eh? 


                  I'm starting to run into that same old damn problem you guys helped me with before that I thought I had solved.  Even though I have changed all the still shots to TIFFs with 1920x1080 resolution in Adobe Photoshop, when I go to bring them up in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, they are still coming up with the SAME image every time I click on a different one.


                  That problem is driving me nuts.  I even put each image in a "different" folder, and it still comes up the same one each time.  Same image, same file number.  Even though I double click on a different one, the same original one keeps popping up.  It's really starting to tick me off.


                  In other words, if I want a string of different "still" images to use in conjunction with video clips on the timeline, when I go to load them into the program, even though each and every image is a different one that I want, all I get is a string of the same "first" image over and over and over again.  So #1 is copied over and over again, even though I've clicked on #2, #3, #4, etc, when trying to download them into the program.


                  Go figure....??????



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                    mufananidzo pamberi Level 1

                    Can you give more details on how you "download them into the program"? Are you importing the images (File, Import) into a folder in the Project window?

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                      George D.D. Level 1

                      Thanks for offering help.


                      First, I take the "still" image I want, put it in Adobe Photoshop, crop it, make it 1920x1080 in size, and change it to a TIFF file if it isn't already.  I do this with all "still" images.


                      Second, I open Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, then I click on Icon View, then I double click on one of the empty squares which opens and then allows me to pick any image from any file I choose.


                      Third, I double click the image which puts it in the Source window.


                      Fourth, I drag from the little "film symbol" at the bottom into one of the video time lines.


                      Fifth, I drag the image to the right making it last as long as I want it to.


                      Sixth, I double click on another empty square and then after I find the image I want, I double click it which puts it in the Icon View.  But (now here's the problem), when the second image comes up in the Icon View window, it is "EXACTLY" the same image with the same number, as the first one I put in the Icon View.  If I then load in a third and fourth image, THEY are identical to the very first image.  Therefore, I end up with 4+ images, ALL identical, even though I double clicked on DIFFERENT images that I try to pick.


                      This happened once before, and someone suggested to change them to TIFF files, since I was using JPEGs.  That seemed to have cured the problem, but now it is doing it again.


                      Weird, very weird !!


                      What more can I say?