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    Dynamic Text Fields and TextFormat issues

    TessandraFae Level 1
      So I'm building a business card app. There are dynamically created input text fields in the left interface. Their default font is in Arial. Then in the Center Pane, I attach the empty BusinessCard (myCard). this symbol has an empty movieclip on each layer to hold backgrounds, text, and then images. Inside myCard's empty movieclip for the textfields, I attach movie clips with dynamic text fields to serve as output textfields. I have shared in fonts called myArial-Bold and have set these output textfields to myArial-Bold.

      This loads up fine, fontwise.Then i have whatever is in the input textfields go to the output textfields.

      The output textfeld's font format gets overwritten to the default Arial font. Ok, so I use TextFormat to try to set it back to Arial-Bold, and it will not respond. It keeps the arial font.

      The line that causes all this trouble:

      newOutputPanel.output_txt.text = newPanel.input_txt.text;

      I thought this would only bring over the text, not the format! Anyone else get this problem?