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    Flexible Percentage Based Layout With Animation

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      Ok the idea of my application is that it be entirely resizable so that it can fit in any resolution or screen size and pretty much every component and text element will resize in order for it to do so. This also means that as users resize the window all the components resize. My problem is getting animation to work in such a layout.


      On application start I have a canvas "categoriesMenu" that is hidden just off the left of the screen. It is hidden in the following way:-


      <mx:Canvas id="categoriesMenu" x="{- categoriesMenu.width}"/>


      Then I have a move effect which once activated moves it into view like this:-




      The probem here is that if I play the move effect and then resize the window the categoriesMenu is no longer in view and I then have to activate the move effect again to move it into view I assume due to the fact that when the window changes the relative positions change etc.


      How is animation within a flexible percentage based layout usualy done?