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    Can certain AVI files cause PE8 to crash?

    Ha2rig Level 1

      Has installed PE8 incl. update and has captured some 40 raw AVI files (size typically 12-18GB) from my SONY PC-101E DV camera using MS CaptureWizard. The workflow is simple - get AVI file in PE8 and Share as MPEG DVD PAL without any modifications. But PE8 constantly crashes! I have tried following the tips for NVidia users, but this doesn't help - I have tried installing PE8 on 2 other computers (HP W7/64/6GB+Dell W7/32/4GB), but still the same. PE8 crashes with no warning/error messages - PE8 is simply "gone."


      I can see PE8 generates Peak files successfully  (even though completed it keeps on doing the same next time I start???), and sometimes  background rendering/completion reaches 6-15% before it crashes.


      I have managed to save/convert/share some 25 files without problems, but some files simply won't work.


      Any hints?