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    Ripple delete and audio/video tracks

    Joe Riggs Level 1



      1. When I edit I tend to cherboard the audio/video, so I'll have one shot Video/Audio 1 and the next on Video/Audio 2. Now unfortunately when I ripple delete, the clips will overlap. What I want them to do is line up with the last clip no matter what video/audio track it is (see pic). I hope this is just some settings I need to change.


      2. Once a clip is in the timeline, let's say on Video/Audio 1 and I'd like to bring the clip to video/audio 2, is it possible to drag it and have both the audio and video move to their track 2's? Right now I have to move the audio and video separately even if they are linked.


      3. Is there a shortcut for unlocking (seperating audio/video) clips?


          ripple delete.jpg