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    Comparison of RH 5 to 6

      My manager is asking for a comparison between RH 5 and 6. I need something more than the marketing information on Adobe's website. Is anyone using 6; and can you tell me why I must upgrade from 5 to 6.?

      We are using RH HTML and publishing to a server. I do understand the advantages of Server 6. Thanks.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Mooresville. To be honest that is an impossible question to anyone except you to answer as we don't know how you use X5 and therefore what you need. The marketing blurb tells you what has changed. What you need to do is see if the areas of RH you currently used have chnaged and if so how this will affect you. I'd download the trial version and do some thorough testing particularly in the areas of changed functionality. only then will you be in a position to recommend to your management whether to purchase.