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    Howto set ArrayCollection1 = ArrayCollection2 without making the underlying array the same object ?

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      I populate an ArrayCollection from the server and use it as a DataProvider to a DataGrid.


      I want to only send what has changed (the delta) back to the server.


      So, I save the original into another ArrayCollection with the idea of using it to compare with the original. Like this:


      public var ArrayCollection1:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
      public var ArrayCollection2:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
      (ArrayCollection1 populated from the server)
      ArrayCollection2 = ArrayCollection1;


      However, the second ArrayCollection's underlying Array has the same ObjectId as the first one. Therefore, when the data is changed in the DataGrid, it changes both ArrayCollections.


      Is there a way to force the second ArrayCollection's underlying Array to be a separate object instead of a reference to ArrayCollection1's Array ?