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    Is it possible to import data into Captivate 5?


      Is it possible to import data back into a Captivate 5 lesson, that was  stored to a server or database from earlier in the Captivate 5 lesson?   We would like to redisplay data from one screen to another.  Some if it  is quiz results, some just responses to questions we ask the user and we  sould like to show it again for discussion on the next screen or in an  entirely separate lesson.  Thanks.


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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can easily store data in user variables that will persist for the duration of the user's browser session for a given Captivate lesson.  But if you want to have the same data persist over multiple browser sessions you need to write this data to cookies on the users PC or else write it to a database somewhere online and pull it back from there in later modules.


          The first option using variables is quite easy to do with Advanced Actions.


          The second option using an external database is much more difficult and would require ActionScript programming skills as well as database programming skills for the specific database technology you use and the scripting technologies used to write and retrieve data from it.  If you don't have these skillsets yourself, you're going to need to put together a project with a budget to hire the designers and developers required to pull it off.