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    Do I need Adobe Air?

    3bells Level 1

      My PC has a pop up advising me to update Adobe AIR. I am wondering what it is for, if I need it for Photoshop CS5 or Adobe reader or Adobe flash for internet use. I am not a programer.


      If I don't need it, I could uninstall it, correct?


      Sure hope someone can help.

      Thank you,


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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Peggy,

          My guess is that AIR was installed by another application at some point (possibly Acrobat.)  If you uninstall it, you should get a dialog with a complete list of apps that rely on AIR.  It warns you that if you continue the uninstall, those apps will no longer function.


          However, since you've recieved the AIR update dialog you are actually "using" an AIR based application.  If you're willing to keep AIR installed, you should be able to update safely by following the dialog instructions.



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            3bells Level 1

            Thank you, Chris. That was my guess also, but I was thrown by the fact that it just started happening andI didn't remember downloading any new Adobe products.But not remember that I did install a new Adobe Flash plugin for firefox recently. Likely that's where it originated from.