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    PrintDataGrid thick line underneath header


      Hi friends :-)


      Before, i'm using Flex 3 and using http://www.kemelyon.com/bts/2008/01/14/flexreport for my report. It was so easy but upgrading to Flex 4 (Flash Builder 4) is a little bit hard handling Print Report. Today, I'm wondering why a thick line appearing underneath the header of my PrintDataGrid when printJob.printAsBitmap was set to false. and invisible when printJob.printAsBitmap was set to true. How can I remove this thick line without changing the printJob.printAsBitmap to true?


      Screen capture where printJob.printAsBitmap=false:

      printAsBitmap false.JPG


      Screen capture where printJob.printAsBitmap=true:

      printAsBitmap true.JPG


      Thank you in advance